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About Us

Coble's Landing was founded in 2020 as a Black Family Owned Multi-Purpose Compound to provide a variety of activities and services.

Who We Are

My name is Rex Coble Jr and my wife's name is Shawanda Coble. I grew up in the small town of Burnsville, NC in Anson County.  We have been married for twelve years and both love working with young adults and families in our community.  We have two kids of our own.


Coble’s Landing spans 25 acres that includes a pond, natural spring water, walking trails, water well and tons of beautiful scenery.  The energy on the land is therapeutic and peaceful.  Did I mention that all of this land originally belonged to my family? They sold it years ago, but I was able to come back and reclaim our land.  This in itself is a testimony for me.  This will be a Black Family Owned Multi-Purpose Compound designed to serve as retreat for holistic healing, special events venue and a natural campground including fishing, nature trails, ATVs, paddle boats etc. The vision also includes a tree house, 3 log cabins and pond front gazebo. We plan on using the land for a variety of retreats and special events. 

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